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10599489_813243458705907_4057169548343789140_nNoni has been riding since she could walk. She  has always been a part of the horse world, whether running her own training business, working for other trainers riding young horses or teaching lessons to children and adults, encouraging them to become the best horsemen and women they can be.

Noni has trained with and worked for many top trainers in hunters, jumpers, dressage and eventing, including Christine Rivlin, Marian Nelson, Marianne Stevens-Austin, Ruth Altes and Renee Ronshausen. She has ridden in clinics with Gerhard Politz, Nick Karazissis and Michael Liebert.

Noni’s true focus and enjoyment came not just from her ponies and horses, but from the barns she was a part of growing up. These barn communities had an incredible impact on Noni’s life. In junior high and high school in a small town in Northern California, there were few choices of activities. Many of her friends chose to spend their time in the park taking drugs or drinking. Noni truly feels that if it weren’t for the barn and her focus on the horses, she might have joined her friends in the park, leading her down a very different road.

10612908_813236125373307_122649709650755222_nNoni’s motivation behind founding Shasta Riding Club was to create a community where everyone can participate, especially those kids who might be “at risk” for getting into trouble, or kids with emotional problems, as these kids can often benefit the most from involvement in a supportive, encouraging barn community.  Noni made the decision to put her own riding second and focus on building this community in Siskiyou County as her priority in order to give back and share her knowledge and passion for horses with a younger generation.